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GEOG 111: Geography of the Digital World

GEOG 111: Geography of the Digital World

Lectures: TR 1410-1500 (+ 1 Lab); Instructor: Liem Tran, PhD

Recent developments in digitized spatial information are transforming human society. Government, corporations, media, and social organizations routinely use automated maps and geographic information technology to visualize such phenomena as resource distribution, disasters events, trade flows, and social networks.

In this class we will explore what makes spatial information nowadays so special, how and why digital and interactive maps become such powerful tools to understand our complex world at different levels, from global, regional, to local one.  More important, we will learn how to be a critical and intelligent user of digitally-mapped information. Picture1

In hands-on laboratory exercises we will learn how modern technology is currently transforming the art and science of map making. We will  experience fun activities with maps of global, regional, and local patterns and trends in population, economy, social networks,  and natural events.

Stimulating, Critical, and Fun