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Dr. Hyun Kim

Specialties: Transportation, Telecommunications, GIS, Spatial Data Science, Spatial Optimization and Modeling
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Hyun Kim’s research interest centers on the Geography of Transportation and Geographic Information Science (GIS) with several key research themes. Specifically, his current research topics include (1) reliable transportation network design and analysis, (2) spatial and economic analysis of transportation systems, and (3) GIS for socio-economic applications. Given these key research themes, he has built a strong research background in both geography and interdisciplinary fields by participating in various research projects at the University of Tennessee. The research on reliable transportation network design and analysis aims to enhance a network’s performance and its resilience to potential disruptions in the air transportation systems and public transport networks of the United States and other countries. The second theme of his research focuses on the economic and environmental analysis of the transportation systems in the evolution of spatial network systems. In particular, his interests are focused on measuring the efficiency and performance of network systems in a geographic perspective using various quantitative geo-spatial methods such as spatial optimization and spatial statistics. Third, his recent research develops the GIS models to apply for socio-economic problems such as health disparity and crime mapping.

Contact Information

Dr. Hyun Kim
Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Associate Professor
311 Burchfiel Geography Bldg.
Knoxville, TN 37996-0925
Phone: (865) 974-2418

His teaching interests include transportation geography, location analysis and modeling, socio-economic applications for GIS, and spatial quantitative methods. For more information about Kim’s research and teaching, please see his web page at the link above.