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Dr. Solange Muñoz

Specialties: Latin America, Urban Geography, Housing, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity
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My research interests are deeply rooted in my personal and intellectual concerns with political, economic, and socio-spatial processes of marginalization and contestation. My current research projects center around these broad issues through an exploration of how the poor struggle to live and remain in the city despite government practices and policies and economic structures that exclude them from access to formal housing. Employing qualitative and ethnographic methods, I address social dimensions of urban development by examining how struggles for access to housing and to remain in the city are routinely lived and experienced by poor urban populations and the social organizations that represent them. These interests have most recently found intellectual purchase in Latin America and through engagements with Latino immigrant communities in the U.S.

My intellectual pursuits also manifest in the classroom where I provide students with analytic, professional and personal tools that help them recognize the complexities and contradictions of life and their world. Recently, I have been involved in initiatives that attempt to address the eclectic character of the student population on college campuses by developing more critical ways of incorporating the diverse experiences and perspectives of today’s students in the classroom. I find that the concept of a diverse classroom is of particular relevance in the 21st Century and when teaching courses related to human and cultural geography because of the discipline’s broad and international scope and significance.

Contact Information

Dr. Solange Muñoz
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor
410 Burchfiel Geography Bldg.
Knoxville, TN 37996-0925

Phone: (865) 974-8357

Through my research and teaching I bring to the fore discussion, insight and understanding of traditionally marginalized and stigmatized populations. I am currently developing research projects that employ a ‘mobile ethnography’ to examine the socio-spatial and temporal impacts of displacement from the city—when families are evicted from their homes and forced out of the city. The goal is to further assess the impact of displacement on people’s opportunities, access to resources and overall quality of life when they are forced out of the urban center to the periphery and beyond.

Feel free to contact me at any time.