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Bergit Uhran

I am a second-year geography PhD student studying under Dr. Nicholas Nagle. My dissertation work is focused on developing methodologies to increase knowledge of US forests through small area estimation and prediction of forest biometrics using remote sensing. This work is funded through a cooperative agreement with the US Forest Service.

My previous research focused on prediction of soil organic carbon density and stocks for wetlands in the conterminous United States. This work was conducted while I was a contracted GIS Specialist at the US Geological Survey. Overall, my research provides better tools to understand ecosystems where traditional survey techniques are difficult or impossible to apply due to cost, inaccessibility, denial of access, or high variability.

I have a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy (concentration in Ecosystem Management) from George Mason University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences (minor in Chemistry) from the University of Virginia.

Please see my website for more information on my research and work history.

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