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Rose Shelor


Hello, I’m Morgan “Rose” Shelor. I am from Raleigh, NC. I am working on my masters in geography with a focus on disability and accessibility, specifically on the accessibility of public transportation and public spaces, like bus stops. I’m interested in critical access studies and how disability and accessibility are aligned with the civil rights access movements. This includes the right to access the same spaces other people have access to (transportation, university, schools, doctor’s offices, shops, etc).

I am also a local artist and maker (adventure rosie art), and my family participates in the local makers markets. I sew sustainable kids clothing and also make art. Also, I am a parent to an almost one-year-old, who is almost walking. I also lead a community book club for Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the 21st Century edited by Alice Wong. It’s an amazing collection of people’s individual stories, experiences, and perspectives of being disabled. If anyone is interested in joining, just let me know. We’re open to all ages/disability/ability, so whether you want to design disabled spaces, or you are disabled and want to read a book that centers disabled voices, you would be welcome.


LinkedIn – Morgan Shelor


Shelor Research Resume – Morgan Shelor