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Informing the Debate

The Conversation LogoUT Knoxville has joined The Conversation—an independent source for news articles and informed analysis written by the academic community and edited by journalists for the public. Through our partnership, we seek to provide a better understanding of the important work of UT’s faculty.

Faculty write articles that can inform public debate through responsible, ethical, and relevant evidence-based journalism. The Conversation provides a fact-based and editorially independent forum, free of commercial or political bias.

Nicholas Nagle

Nicolas Nagle, an associate professor of geography whose research centers on the design and analytics of population surveys, wrote “Census 2020 will protect your privacy more than ever – but at the price of accuracy,” published April 6, 2020.

solange munoz

Solange Muñoz, an assistant professor of geography who explores how the poor struggle to live and remain in the city despite government practices and policies and economic structures that exclude them from access to formal housing, wrote “The coronavirus pandemic is making the US housing crisis even worse,” published April 17, 2020.

Our partnership with The Conversation is a great opportunity to engage the public in research conducted by UT faculty. Tennesseans and others can access a diverse range of critical research, demystifying academic inquiry by keeping it in the public eye. UT’s scholars can help provide insight into society’s biggest problems. The Conversation’s content is freely available to news outlets of all sizes in communities around the world— from Tennessee’s smallest towns to the world’s largest cities. Learn More.