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A Syllabus for the Present Predicament

Adam Bledsoe¹, Jasmine Butler², LaToya Eaves³, Alex A. Moulton³

¹University of Minnesota; ²Writer and Cultural Worker; ³University of Tennessee, Knoxville 

February 13, 2023 Edition

This reading list provides resources for situating the simultaneous manifestations of antiblackness and assault on Black life in the present. We are specifically motivated by the murder of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee, by police officers; the attack on the AP African American Studies course in Florida; and what might be interpreted as the capitulation of the College Board to the demands of Florida’s Republican Governor. These convergent events serve as poignant reminders of the pervasiveness of anti-blackness, the everyday reality of gratuitous police violence, and the regressive nature of a politics of compromise that demurs to white supremacy, historical amnesia, and the sanitizing of Black social and political movements.

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