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Wu Receives Honorable Mention for Work in Scientific Software

Qiusheng Wu, a UT geography professor, received an Honorable Mention from the 2022 Better Scientific Software Fellowship for his work in high-quality scientific software. 

“My research focuses on geospatial data science and open-source software development,” Wu said. “I have developed several open-source packages and various educational materials on geospatial data science and software development.”

Wu’s research focus is information science within the field of geography. He studies various computing systems such as the Google Earth Engine in order to analyze environmental effects and ecological advances. 

“We’re especially proud in geography, because these awards only ever go to computer scientists and engineers,” said Nicholas Nagle, professor and head of the geography department. 

Wu plans to continue his research towards his goal of making “geospatial technologies and cloud computing more accessible to the scientific community by lowering the barrier to analyzing and visualizing geospatial big data.”

Qiusheng Wu hopes to benefit UT students and researchers in the scientific community by making these resources easier to access. 

“Research makes a difference,” Wu said. “I have been developing open-source packages that make it much easier to use open-access satellite data and cloud computing. Seeing my students at UT and people all over the world benefiting from work is rewarding.”

Story by Leah Carter