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Faculty & Staff


  • Alderman, Derek, Professor. Specialties: cultural and historical geography, geographies of memory, race, tourism
  • Eaves, LaToya, Assistant Professor. Specialties: black geographies, feminist geographies, American south, critical geographies, black feminism
  • Ellis, Kelsey, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies. Specialties: climatology and meteorology
  • Festus, Olusola, Lecturer. Specialties: GIS & remote sensing, urban terrestrial wetland landscape, geodatabase management & public health
  • Herrero, Hannah V., Assistant Professor and Director of GIST Program. Specialties: remote sensing, human-environment interactions, conservation, savanna science, Africa
  • Hinten, Melissa, Senior Lecturer and Director of Sustainability Program. Specialties: biogeography, land use change, GIS, geography education
  • Horn, Sally P., Professor. Specialties: Quaternary environments, biogeography, prehistoric impacts on the environment, fire history and ecology
  • Kalafsky, Ronald, Professor and Associate Vice Provost & Director of Honors & Scholars. Specialties: economic and urban geography, international trade
  • Kerr, Matthew, Lecturer. Specialties: Quaternary environments, prehistoric human-environment interactions, stable isotope geochemistry
  • Kim, Hyun, Associate Professor. Specialties: transportation, gis, spatial data science, spatial optimization and modeling
  • Li, Yingkui, Professor. Specialties: geomorphology and paleo-climate reconstruction, cosmogenic nuclides, LiDAR, GIS/spatial analysis
  • Luke, Nikki, Assistant Professor. Specialties: urban political ecology, energy, labor, race, gender, social reproduction, environmental and energy justice
  • Muñoz, Isabel Solange, Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies. Specialties: urban and cultural geography, Latin America
  • Nagle, Nicholas, Professor and Department Head. Specialties: spatial statistics, spatial data science and demography
  • Norrell, Tracey, Lecturer. Specialties: geopolitics, historical, political and military geography, human rights
  • Roman-Rivera, Mayra, Lecturer. Specialties: coastal geomorphology, coastal management, remote sensing and GIS applications of coastal environments
  • Sharma, Madhuri, Associate Professor. Specialties: race/ethnicity, housing market, income inequality, gender disparity, economy
  • Shaw, Shih-Lung, Professor. Specialties: transportation, geographic information science, space-time analytics, human dynamics, spatial data science
  • Tran, Liem, Professor and Associate Department Head. Specialties: physical and environmental geography, spatial data science, GIS/geospatial analysis 
  • Watkins, Jacob, Lecturer
  • Wu, Qiusheng, Assistant Professor. Specialties: GIS, remote sensing, LiDAR, wetland hydrology, geospatial data science, Google Earth Engine

Adjunct & Affiliated Faculty

    • Bishop, Wade, University of Tennessee, School of Information Sciences. Associate Professor
    • Bekker, Matthew F. – Brigham Young University, Geography. Associate Professor
    • Benjamin, Stefanie K. – University of Tennessee, Retail, Hospitality & Tourism Management. Assistant Professor
    • Caffrey, Maria,  – University of Colorado, Geological Sciences.
    • Harbor, Jon, Purdue University, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.
    • Hargrove Jr., William W., USDA Forest Service
    • Heric, Matthew, President and CEO – IAVO.
    • Kar, Bandana – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Adjunct Associate Professor
    • Lane, Chad, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Professor of Geography.
    • Maxwell, R. Stockton – Radford University, Geospatial Sciences, Associate Professor.
    • Moulton, Alex – University of Tennessee, Department of Sociology, Assistant Professor
    • Pavlowsky, Robert, Missouri State University
    • van Riemsdijk, Francois Micheline, Uppsala University, Associate Professor
    • Schroeder, Todd, US Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Knoxville TN, Adjunct Associate Professor
    • Stewart, Robert – Adjunct Associate Professor and Research Scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
    • Wang, Dali , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Washington-Allen, Robert, University of Nevada – Reno

    Emeritus Faculty