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Faculty & Staff

In Memoriam: John B. Rehder, C.W. Minkel, Thomas J. Wilbanks

Tenure-Line Faculty

  • Kalafsky, Ronald, (Department Head) Ph.D. – State University of New York at Buffalo, Professor
  • Alderman, Derek, Ph.D. – University of Georgia, Professor
  • Ellis, Kelsey, Ph.D. – Florida State University, Assistant Professor
  • Foresta, Ronald, Ph.D. – Rutgers University, Professor
  • Horn, Sally P., Ph.D. – University of California-Berkeley, Professor
  • Kim, Hyun, Ph.D. – The Ohio State University, Associate Professor
  • Li, Yingkui, Ph.D. – Peking University, Professor
  • Muñoz, Isabel Solange, Ph.D. – University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor
  • Nagle, Nicholas, Ph.D. – University of California-Santa Barbara, Associate Professor
  • Raposo, Paulo, Ph,D, – The Pennsylvania State University, Assistant Professor
  • Sharma, Madhuri, Ph.D. – The Ohio State University, Associate Professor
  • Shaw, Shih-Lung, Ph.D. – The Ohio State University, Professor
  • Tran, Liem, Ph.D. – University of Hawaii at Manoa, Professor


Joint Faculty Appointments with Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Adjunct & Affiliated Faculty

    • Bishop, Wade, University of Tennessee, School of Information Sciences. Associate Professor
    • Bekker, Matthew F. – Brigham Young University, Geography. Associate Professor
    • Benjamin, Stefanie K. – University of Tennessee, Retail, Hospitality & Tourism Management. Assistant Professor
    • Caffrey, Maria,  – University of Colorado, Geological Sciences.
    • Liu, Cheng, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Email:
    • Harbor, Jon, Purdue University, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.
    • Hargrove Jr., William W., USDA Forest Service
    • Heric, Matthew, President and CEO – IAVO.
    • Lane, Chad, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Maxwell, R. Stockton – Radford University, Geospatial Sciences, Associate Professor.
    • Meyers, Mike, UT County Technical Assistance Service
    • Orvis, Kenneth H.
    • Pavlowsky, Robert, Missouri State University
    • van Riemsdijk, Francois Micheline, Uppsala University, Associate Professor
    • Schroeder, Todd, US Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Knoxville TN, Adjunct Associate Professor
    • Wang, Dali , Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Washington-Allen, Robert, University of Nevada – Reno

    Emeritus Faculty


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